Children’s First Aid Books

A little about our Flat Stan Children’s first aid books. These books are simple and easy read for children aged from 3 years + and hopefully will teach them the basics of first aid.
Children's First Aid Book
Inside the book there are pictures and topics such as:

– How to call the Emergency services
– CPR resuscitation
– How to stop a nosebleed 

Why not get the child to read the book to you or you read it to them ask them questions about what they have read (children’s are like little sponges they absorb more than adults) !!

Award the child with their own personalised children’s first aid book, certificate, Flat Stan sticker and a schoolbag reflector plaster kit with 10 Neo allergenic plasters (this might come in handy if they or their friends need first aid)

Emergency care NI deliver children’s first aid workshops to primary schools, nurseries GB / BB / Girl Guides / Birthday Parties / we come to you (why not have a first aid party)

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Children’s book / Sticker / Certificate & Schoolbag Plaster Reflector Kit Key Ring Package including Postage

1 x Package / Book – £10.00

2 x Package / Books – £15.00

3 x Package / Books – £18.00</4>

5 x Package / Books – £22.00