Children’s First Aid Workshops

Children’s First Aid Workshops – £15

EmergencycareNI will be delivering Children’s First Aid Workshops (90Mins) throughout N Ireland during the summer.

We have now confirmed dates and venues for the summer scheme first aid children’s workshops. All dates confirmed just a couple of venues to sort out !

We are dividing the children into 2 age groups 4-8 and 9-14.
The younger age group (4-8) times will be 10 am – 11.30 am and 11.45 am – 1.15 pm.
The older childrens workshop will be from 1.30 pm – 3.30 pm.

Parents with young children are welcome to sit in the room as long as they sit at the back so not to distract their child!!

Children will be taught an assortment of not just first aid skills but home safety too.

Course content will include the following:
How to assist a choking baby/child/adult.
When to call 999 and the reason for doing this.
How to put a person into the safe airway position.
CPR on a child friendly Flat Stan Manikins!
How to deal with nose bleeds scrapes and bruises.
Have fun with slings and bandages!

We will stop for a 5 minute toilet break throughout their workshop.

Summer Workshops (COMING SOON)

Childrens first aid/safety in the home workshops

We have decided to deliver these workshops over the Summer period due to parental pressure !!!! (The Easter schemes were a great success) Massive thanks to all the parents who brought their children to us.

Children will be taught:

  • CPR on our child friendly flat stan manikins.
  • How to deal with a choking incident.
  • Nosebleeds.
  • How to put someone into recovery.
  • How and when to call the Emergency services.
  • Have fun with slings and bandages and lots lots more.
  • Have pictures taken with our real life skeleton !!

We have added an extra topic to our workshops, Home safety. We will teach your child how to recognise the home smoke alarm, what to do if it goes off and fire drills in the home.

Each child now receives their own Flat Stan First Aid Book


For more info please go to our Facebook page.

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