4 Hour Manual Handling

This course will specifically benefit everyone who may occasionally be required to lift or handle large, heavy or awkward objects. Individuals in any type of environment who have a responsibility for others will also gain benefit from being able to demonstrate effective lifting and handling techniques.

Additional information:
We use a combination of scenarios and practical work to enthuse and inform our delegates. Cosensa trainers are chosen for their practical experience gained in real life situations and for their ability to inspire delegates.

Course Content

A third of all injuries in the workplace are the result of lifting or handling heavy or awkward loads. Injuries vary from mild aches and pains, to permanent disability and compensation. This is a hazard common to every workplace, whether an office, warehouse, factory or construction site. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations place responsibilities on employers to reduce injuries from manual handling and to conduct an assessment of handling operations that cannot be avoided. This seminar workshop looks at practical ways to meet these requirements.

  • Overview of the Regulations
  • Managing handling operations
  • Mechanical and other alternatives
  • Assessing manual handling activities
  • Training and refresher training
  • Safe lifting technique


4 Hours.

Course Duration

This course is four hours duration.